Do Tennis Skirts Have Shorts Underneath?

If you wear a tennis skirt, shorts, or something similar underneath, the skirt will ride up, making it more difficult to play a game. Choosing a skirt that stays in place is important if you plan on playing tennis. There are two types of tennis skirts: knitted skirts and woven skirts. 

Having tennis skirts over pants is a great idea. The wearing of a tennis skirt, undershorts, or shorts is optional. In addition to giving them more freedom of movement, tennis skirts are a popular fashion trend among female tennis players. Do tennis skirts have shorts underneath? Let’s look at tennis skirts and their associated shorts to answer this question. 

Do Tennis Skirts Have Shorts Underneath?

Many tennis skirts come with shorts built into the skirt. The shorts are usually made of a lightweight, stretchy material such as spandex and are designed to provide comfort and support to the wearer. The shorts are typically attached to the skirt, although some styles may have them sewn in or have a seam down the center of the shorts. 

The shorts are typically shorter than the skirt and may be visible when the wearer is in motion. The answer to the question, “Do Tennis Skirts Have Shorts Underneath?” is yes, they usually do. Tennis skirts with shorts underneath are popular for players who want to maintain their modesty while playing and those who want to keep their movements unrestricted.

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Why do female tennis players tuck their skirts?

Tucking skirts is a common practice among female tennis players due to the need for freedom of movement on the court. Tennis skirts are designed for comfort and performance and typically feature lightweight, breathable material that allows maximum mobility. While some skirts may have shorts underneath, others may have built-in undershorts or a separate pair of shorts the player can choose to wear.

Regardless of the design, tucking the skirt helps to keep it in place while running, to jump, swinging, and otherwise moving around on the court. This allows players to focus on their game and not worry about the skirt becoming untucked or bunched up. Additionally, tucking the skirt helps keep the player’s legs and backside covered while moving, ensuring they can move freely without worrying about embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

What do male tennis players wear under their shorts?

Male tennis players typically wear compression shorts under their tennis shorts. Compression shorts are tight-fitting shorts made of a stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric that helps keep players cool and comfortable while they play.

Some players prefer to wear longer-length compression shorts, while others opt for a shorter style. Additionally, many players choose to wear a pair of lightweight undershorts beneath their tennis shorts. These undershorts provide coverage, extra support, and a layer of protection when sliding on hard court surfaces.

When it comes to female tennis players, the answer to the question, “Do tennis skirts have shorts underneath?” is usually yes. Most tennis skirts are designed with built-in shorts that provide coverage, extra support, and protection from the elements.

These shorts are typically made of a lightweight, breathable fabric and are designed to be comfortable and flexible. Additionally, some skirts come with built-in pockets or side slits that allow players to store items such as tennis balls, towels, and other accessories.

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What skirt alternatives can female tennis players wear?

Female tennis players can wear various alternative garments on the court that do not involve skirts. These include shorts, skorts (shorts with an attached skirt), capris, and dresses. The length of these garments is usually longer to ensure that players are still properly covered and comfortable.

Do tennis skirts have shorts underneath? Generally, the answer is no. The skirts are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and flexible, so wearing shorts underneath would add bulk and restrict movement. Some skirts may come with built-in shorts or stretchy briefs, but most do not.


What is under a tennis skirt?

Under a tennis skirt is typically a pair of shorts. Tennis skirts are often worn to provide a more feminine look to the outfit while allowing for a full range of motion and comfort during a match.

Shorts can be either long or short, but usually, they are long enough to reach the middle of the thigh. Some tennis skirts have built-in shorts, while others require players to wear them underneath. The material of the shorts is usually a moisture-wicking fabric to help keep the player cool and dry during the match.

Does tennis dress have shorts?

Yes, the tennis dress does have shorts. A tennis dress is a type of clothing worn by tennis players to play the game of tennis. It typically consists of a top, shorts, and socks.

The top can be either a tank top, a polo shirt, or a shirt with short or long sleeves. The shorts are typically knee-length and provide a range of motion and flexibility necessary for playing the game. Tennis dress is often brightly colored and made of breathable fabrics to help keep players cool and comfortable during matches.

What makes a tennis skirt a tennis skirt?

A tennis skirt is specifically designed for playing tennis and has several features that distinguish it from a regular skirt. It typically features a shorter length than standard skirts, usually ending around mid-thigh, and includes built-in shorts underneath the skirt for added coverage.

The waistband of a tennis skirt is often higher than a regular skirt and has a drawstring or elastic band to ensure it stays in place during movement. The fabric of a tennis skirt is usually lightweight and breathable, allowing the player to keep cool and comfortable on the court.

Additionally, many tennis skirts feature pockets for tennis balls or other small accessories. These features combine to create the perfect tennis skirt, designed with comfort and performance.

Should you wear shorts under skirt?

The answer to this question depends on personal preference, the weather, and the type of skirt. If it is a lightweight skirt, such as a sundress, it may be optional to wear shorts underneath.

However, wearing shorts underneath may provide an extra layer of warmth and modesty if it is a heavier skirt, such as denim. Similarly, wearing shorts underneath can offer an extra layer of insulation if the weather is cold. Ultimately, whether or not to wear shorts underneath a skirt should be based on personal preference and specific circumstances.


In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to whether or not tennis skirts have shorts underneath. It depends on the player’s preference and the requirements of the specific tournament. For a more conservative look, it’s best to wear a skirt with shorts underneath. However, if you want to show off your athleticism, a dress without shorts might be the way to go. Whatever you decide, make sure to check with tournament requirements before playing.