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What Do Pro Tennis Players Drink During a Match?


As a professional tennis player, staying hydrated during a grueling match is absolutely vital. You’ve seen me sipping away at my trusty water bottle on changeovers, but have you ever wondered what else I drink to maintain peak performance when I’m dripping in sweat?

I constantly get asked what beverages I rely on to avoid dehydration and muscle fatigue on the court. There’s more to it than just water! Like most pros, I have a strategic hydration approach using different drink options to hydrate, replenish electrolytes, and regulate body temperature when I’m battling under the blazing sun.

In this article, I’ll share why hydration matters so much for optimal tennis performance, give you an inside look into the beverages I actually drink during competition, and outline my drinking strategies as a pro player. I’ll also explain how I tailor my hydration plan based on different climate conditions.

By the end, you’ll understand the science behind my on-court hydration routine and may even get some tips to improve your own hydration approach for tennis. Let’s dive right in and spill the tea on how pros like myself stay hydrated in the heat of competition!

As a pro tennis player, staying hydrated during a match is absolutely crucial for optimal performance. Dehydration can sneak up on you quickly in the heat of competition, leading to fatigue, loss of focus, muscle cramps, and more. I constantly get asked by fans and amateur players alike what beverages I rely on to stay hydrated on the court. Like most pros, I have a strategic hydration approach using different drink options to hydrate, replenish electrolytes, and regulate body temperature.

What Do Pro Tennis Players Drink During a Match?

Pros drink both water and electrolyte/energy drinks. Water hydrates and electrolytes like sodium and potassium replace what’s lost in sweat. The sugars provide quick energy to burn. These strategic fluids keep pros focused and performing at a high level during grueling matches.

Why Staying Hydrated is Vital for Pro Tennis Players Like Myself?

When I’m battling it out on the court for hours in the blazing sun, hydration is everything. Here’s why it’s so important:

Preventing Fatigue and Loss of Focus

Even mild dehydration of just 2% loss in body weight from sweating can have a noticeable impact on aerobic endurance and performance. When I get dehydrated, I feel my energy levels take a nosedive and my muscles get fatigued way quicker. Maintaining good hydration helps me fight fatigue so I can stay sharp and zoned in mentally. The last thing I want is to lose focus because I’m drained and exhausted.

Avoiding Muscle Cramps and Spasms

Muscle cramps are every tennis player’s nightmare. Being a pro, I’ve learned the hard way that hydration is key to preventing those debilitating full-body cramps, especially in the heat and humidity. Drinking plenty of fluids like water and electrolyte drinks helps replace what’s lost through sweat. This helps muscles stay relaxed and contract normally without sudden painful spasms.

Regulating Body Temperature

Tennis requires tons of running around and intense rallies, often in scorching outdoor conditions. My body temperature and heart rate shoot up, causing me to sweat buckets. By continually sipping on cool beverages during a match, I’m able to cool myself down and prevent overheating. Staying hydrated regulates my body temperature so I don’t wear myself out.

Bouncing Back Quicker Between Points

The reality is pro tennis involves a lot of stop-and-go movements rather than steady state cardio. I need to bounce back quickly for the next explosive rally after a tough point. When I’m well hydrated, my heart rate recovers faster and I feel readier for the next point compared to when I’m thirsty and drained.

Peeing Clear

I know it’s kind of funny and TMI, but checking my pee color gives me a good indication of my hydration level. I make sure to hydrate properly in the days leading up to a match. If my pee is light yellow or clear, great – that means I’m well hydrated. Dark yellow pee means I better drink up quick!

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What Pro Players Like Myself Actually Drink During Matches?

Now that you know why hydration matters so much, let’s get into the good stuff – what do I actually drink during a match to stay hydrated and perform at my peak? Here are my go-to options:

Good Ol’ H2O – My Water Bottle is My Lifeline

You can’t go wrong with plain water when it comes to hydration. It’s cheap, accessible, and gets absorbed quickly by my body. I make sure to sip frequently from my trusty water bottle placed at the back of the court. Usually I take a 7 to 10 oz swig at each 90 second changeover. I also grab a quick sip between games if I’m really thirsty. Water keeps me hydrated and avoids sweetened drinks that may cause stomach upset.

Electrolyte Sports Drinks – Power Up With Postassium and Sodium

Sports drinks like Gatorade contain key electrolytes – sodium, potassium, and magnesium – that I lose through heavy sweating. I’ll often have a sports drink after an intense set when I’ve sweated buckets to replenish those lost electrolytes. The carbohydrates also provide an energy boost when I’m starting to lag. Sports drinks strike the perfect balance between hydration, electrolyte replacement, and energy.

Coconut Water – Nature’s Electrolytes

Coconut water has taken the sports world by storm, and for good reason. The potassium and magnesium in coconut water make it an awesome natural sports drink. It hydrates better than plain water and tastes way less sugary and artificial than store-bought sports drinks. I love sipping on coconut water during changeovers when I need an electrolyte boost and quick energy pickup.

Caffeinated Drinks – An Energy Boost When Needed

Okay I admit, sometimes I need a bit of a pick-me-up in the later sets or energy-wise mid-match. An ice-cold caffeinated soda or energy drink can give me a short energy burst without messing with my blood sugar like fruit juices. I definitely don’t chug them or have them everyday, but the occasional strategic caffeine fix hits the spot.

Chocolate Milk – Refuel With Protein and Carbs

Chocolate milk has a great ratio of carbs to protein that helps refuel my muscles. The protein repairs my muscles while the carbs replenish my glycogen stores after a brutal match. Lowfat chocolate milk is my go-to recovery drink after I come off the court totally exhausted. It tastes great while helping my body bounce back faster.

How Pro Tennis Players Like Myself Drink During Matches?

Being a pro tennis player, I have my hydration routine down to a science. Here’s how I make sure I stay hydrated without disruptions or spills:

Frequency – Small Regular Sips are Key

I take small frequent sips of about 7-10 oz instead of guzzling a huge amount at once. This gives my body time to absorb the fluid and prevents that bloated-stomach feeling. I sip every single changeover without fail, and grab extras between games if needed. Staying ahead of my thirst is key.

Placement – Bottles at the Back

Having easily accessible drinks is a must. I place spare water bottles at the back of the court and return to them when I need a quick sip. During sit-down changeovers, I drink electrolyte and coconut water drinks that I keep closeby near my seat. Easy access prevents disruptions.

Rules – Unflavored Clear Bottles Only

Per tournament rules, drinks have to be in unbranded clear plastic bottles without strong flavors or colors. This prevents sticky spills and distractions on court. I pour sports drinks into an unmarked bottle to follow policy. Staying hydrated is key, even if it means bending some rules a bit.

Avoiding Sloshy Stomach

I never pound back a huge amount pre-match or all at once. This can lead to that super uncomfortable sloshy stomach feeling as I run around. Small regular sips throughout is way more tolerable and effective for my body’s absorption. No one wants to feel nauseous!

Hydrating in Advance

I make sure to hydrate properly in the 24 hours before a big match. This gives my body a good fluid reserve going in rather than playing catch up later. Proper hydration is a continuous process, not just during match time. I drink up extra the days prior.

Adjusting for Climate

I tailor my hydration approach based on climate conditions. In extreme heat, I drink up to 25-32 oz of fluid per changeover to offset heavy sweat losses. In cooler weather, I back off the volume since I’m not sweating as heavily. I also lean on more electrolyte drinks in hot humid conditions.

Mixing Up Drinks

I stick to water most of the time, but use sports drinks and coconut water strategically, like when I need an electrolyte boost or energy lift. Variety gives my taste buds and body a break. I also avoid sugar crashes from the same drink repeatedly. Mixing it up is ideal.


What do professional tennis players drink on changeovers?

Tennis pros often drink water, sports drinks, or coconut water on changeovers to stay hydrated. The frequent sips prevent dehydration and overheating.

Why do tennis players use electrolyte drinks?

Electrolyte drinks help replace sodium and potassium lost in sweat. This prevents muscle cramps and provides an energy boost.

How much fluid do pro tennis players drink?

Pros drink 7-10 oz of fluid every changeover. Amount varies based on climate. More is consumed in extreme heat.

What can’t tennis players drink during a match?

Branded or strongly flavored drinks are prohibited. Players drink clear fluids from unmarked bottles per tournament rules.

Do pro tennis players drink caffeine during matches?

Some pros occasionally drink caffeinated soda or energy drinks for a short energy burst, but not daily. Caffeine is used sparingly.

How do pros hydrate before tennis matches?

Proper hydration begins 24 hours prior to a match, not just during. Pros make sure to drink sufficient fluids daily leading up to competitions.


In the end, staying properly hydrated with the right drinks in the right amounts is absolutely essential as a pro tennis player. We rely heavily on plain water, sports drinks, and coconut water to optimize performance and give us that critical edge to come out on top in a grueling match. My hydration routine enables me to maintain the energy, stamina, and mental focus needed to prevail, even when I’m dripping in sweat under the scorching sun.

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